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It’s Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone -10 Ways to Encourage Bonding with Birth Families

If you have a foster child working toward reunification, or if you’re an adoptive parent wanting to continue a relationship with your child’s birth family, there are many easy ways to foster a bonding environment. I know it can feel quite intimidating, but the benefits for your foster or adoptive child will be immeasurable. Wondering how? I’ll give you ten easy steps to get started.

How to De-escalate a Meltdown

Knowing what to do during a meltdown will help you avoid unnecessary stress, provide a great opportunity to strengthen and deepen your relationship with your child as you shower them with unconditional love, and guide your child in making more positive choices as they learn to respond to stressful situations. We’ll review each stage and offer some techniques that can be useful in helping you de-escalate a meltdown.